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How often should dentures be replaced?   

It is advised that you replace your dentures every 5 (five) years. Though many people where their dentures for longer if they are still comfortable or look okay, a denture wears down over time and bacteria and viruses can live in places you can’t clean within the dent

How do I know if they need to be replaced?   

Your denture may need to be relined or replaced if you have the following symptoms: • Ongoing pain or sore spots • Excessive use of adhesives • Extra wrinkles around your mouth • Your dentures click, whistle, slip or cause chewing problems • Slurred speech • You need to routinely use denture pads • You or your loved ones begin to feel uncomfortable with the   appearance of your dentures.

What happens if I don't replace my dentures?  

Here is a short list of harmful possible effects suffered by wearers of dentures more than five years old: • Headaches, earaches, neck pain and joint problems. • More laborious chewing and more difficult digestion that can lead to colon   problems. • Dietary problems including colon problems. • Over closing of the jaws that gives an aging look. • Softening of the gums that can cause pain and irritated gums.

If my  dentures fit perfectly do I have to see a denturist regularly? 

Yes you do because your mouth tissues also can show signs of disease not associated with dentures but would be caught by a denture professional. Besides checking your dentures, denture professionals can check for symptoms of oral cancer and other diseases, and examine your tongue and jaw joints and gum ridges. If any concerns are noticed the appropriate medical or dental referral will be arranged.

Will I be able to chew normally again? 

Denture wearers can usually eat normally again once they have perfectly fitting dentures. Very few people discover they have restrictions over what they can eat. brampton dentures dentures in Brampton


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Check out this great video